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About Gomera

The volcanic island of La Gomera is among the smallest of the Canary Islands (along with El Hierro). Located off the North African coast, it has a small population of just 21,136 inhabitants. La Gomera was colonized by the Spanish crown in the early 1400s. The island already made history then when Christopher Columbus made […]


Alto de Garajonay

Alto de Garajonay (La Palmita, 38869 Agulo) — Gara and Jonay, so the myth goes, were the Canarian version of Romeo and Juliet. Gara was from the town of Agulo (La Gomera) and Jonay from the neighboring island of Tenerife. When their parents forbade them to see each other again, they ran away but were […]


Calle Real

Calle Real (San Sebastián) — just up from the port in the island’s capital is lined with boutiques, sports stores, souvenir shops, art galleries and sidewalk cafes. Shop for souvenir foods like palm honey, almogrote (a chess spread) or mojo. The street is flanked by magnificent traditional houses and bars, cafés, perfume shops, accessories, fashion […]


Cicloturista Virgen del Carmen

Cicloturista Virgen del Carmen (Vallehermoso) – this is a cycling race involving 300 or more participants. It’s held in the Vallehermoso area every August, and covers 70 km (with cyclists having to climb as high an altitude as 2,000 meters as part of the race). This is one of the more exciting events that takes […]



CAR RENTALS – the following car rental agencies operate in La Gomera : Auto La Rueda: +34 922 870 709 Avis: +34 922 895 950 Budget: +34 922 89 57 64 Cicar: +34 902 244 444 Europcar: +34 922 873 030


Ág Ape Bistro

Ág Ape Bistro (Calle Real 15, 38800 San Sebastián) – this small restaurant serves a variety of French dishes (using locally-sourced products), including those from the Alps (such as fondues la bourguignonne). It’s also known for its rich-tasting desserts.